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5 Apps for Watching TV on your Cell Phone

Watch Television on your cell phone! Discover the 5 best apps.

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Check out a list of 5 applications so you can watch TV on your cell phone! Applications free for devices with an operating system of either android how much of iOS from Apple. Watch Live programming from your favorite channel, series, films, cartoons, anime and even football matches! Check out!

A cell phone provides its owner with several functionalities, but some people just want to watch Live TV for free. Whether it’s to not miss that episode of a soap opera, or a football match.

How to Watch Live TV on Your Cell Phone

Watching TV on your cell phone
Watching TV on Cell Phone – Illustrative Image

There are no secrets to watching live TV on your cell phone, and this is possible through native or downloaded apps. In the past, smartphones came natively with the function of watching TV, with some cell phones even coming with an antenna to tune in better, just like Radio applications. However, over the years these functions are less and less present on devices.

But the demand still exists, and with these people in mind we have put together some apps so you can watch Live TV on your cell phone:

1. SBT Vídeos (Android / iOS)

The official application of the broadcaster Silvio Santos from the popular Show do Milhão! Which is already implied by the name of the app. The application is quite complete, but not complex, it is very simple and intuitive. Therefore, its use is easy for people accustomed to similar applications, or for laypeople.

Through it you can watch what you missed in the SBT programming schedule, in addition to the possibility of watching Live programming. In addition, the application has categories, for example: Reality, sports, etc. This makes it simpler for the user to find their preferred schedule.

The application is published by the broadcaster itself, therefore guaranteeing security for users! Below I will leave the link to download the SBT Vídeos app, for Android and iOS:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

2. BandPlay (Android/iOS)

The official TV Bandeirantes app, as the name suggests. Through it, you can watch so much content that has already been shown on TV, that is, what you missed due to lack of time, etc. How can you also watch the content Live from the broadcaster!

Through it, you can favorite your favorite program, making it easier to find it. An interesting thing about this application is a second screen that allows users to comment on the programming, which allows them to get involved with the polls that are taking place on the station.

The application is from Band itself, giving greater credibility to the application, as well as extra confidence about its security. Below I will leave the links to download the BandPlay app for Android and iOS:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

3. PlayPlus – Record TV (Android / iOS)

The official Record TV app, which has the option of a Free account and a paid account. The free plan: has the simultaneous transmission of Canal Record TV, local programming from your state, as well as excerpts from Record Ao Vivo programming, such as Soap Operas, Newspapers and Realities in case you miss the Ao Vivo programming.

The Paid plan (R$ 12.90): In addition to having all the free content, it allows the user to watch the episodes in full from their Reality Series, soap operas, series and newspapers, as well as original productions made exclusively for the App, in addition to allowing up to 4 simultaneous screens per account.

As it is the broadcaster's official application, this guarantees the user extra security for their data, mainly because it has a subscription. Below I will put the links to download the application on Android and iOS:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

4. GloboPlay (Android / iOS)

Globo Play is one of the best known and most complete on this list. In addition to having all of Rede Globo's content, although some of it requires a subscription to access, it also has other content, series, films, cartoons...

Those who do not wish to subscribe can still watch Globo content for free in some cities Live! but it is necessary to be in Brazilian territory! If you would like to know the subscription plans, as well as their prices and benefits, click here.

Below is the link to download Globo Play for Android and iOS.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

5. PlutoTV

Finally, we have Pluto TV, an application available for Android, iOS, Smart TV and PC. It has its own schedule, with 24-hour transmission of anime, films, series, content already known from other broadcasters. The best Live and completely Free! But with some ads, which may bother some people.

It is possible to favorite your favorite channels so that it is easier to find them, in addition to having a service On Demand for those who cannot follow the live programming. There are several films, documentaries and series available to watch at any time.

Pluto TV is 100% free, so it does not have any subscription services. Below I will leave the link to download Pluto TV for Android and iOS:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Final considerations

In this article presenting 5 free applications that allow the user to watch Live TV on their smartphone, be it Android or iOS. These applications present content from the 4 main open TV channels in Brazil (Globo, Record, SBT and Band), as well as an “extra”, in this case the Pluto TV application, a completely free TV, with original content, and already available content. known to the public.

Anyway, I hope some of these apps are useful to you, thank you for reading this far! So don't forget to comment, if you have a good suggestion, complaint or compliment, your feedback is always welcome!

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