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How to get free clothes on Shein

Discover how you can purchase Clothing and Accessories at Shein without spending a penny using the company's Free Trial program

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Shein is an online fashion brand that offers affordable women's clothing. You can find everything, from basic clothes to more extravagant pieces at very reasonable prices. However, if you want to save even more, there is a way to earn free clothes at Shein. Therefore, if you want to know how to get free clothes on Shein, in the following content we detail everything you need to know!

About Shein

Shein offers a huge variety of women's clothing, including dresses, blouses, jeans and more. Shein is proud of the affordable price it offers to its customers. Additionally, the company encourages customers to use coupons to get extra discounts.

The large company was created in 2008 and has gained millions of customers since then. Shein is known for offering quality products at competitive prices, explaining its great success. However, it became really famous when it started offering even greater discounts through coupons.

Is it possible to get free clothes on Shein?

Yes! It is possible to get free clothes at Shein, through the company’s “Shein Free Trial” program. This program allows customers to try out certain items before deciding if they are worth purchasing. Through the Free Trial program, you can get up to three free articles to try for a limited time.

What is the Shein Free Trial and how does it work?

Free Trial is a Shein program that offers customers the opportunity to try some items before deciding whether they are worth purchasing. To participate in the program, customers need to log into their Shein account and choose the items they want to try.

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The delivery service is free, so in other words, you don't need to pay additional fees. Once the product is delivered, you will have up to 14 days to decide if the product is worth purchasing.

What are the benefits of participating in the Shein Free Trial?

By participating in the Free Trial program, you can try items on before you buy them and make sure they are right for you. Furthermore, with Free Trial, you save time and money due to the free delivery and return service. Lastly, the program gives customers the chance to try new products without spending money.

How to get free clothes on Shein?

Want to learn how to get free clothes on Shein? Firstly, you need to log in to your Shein account. Then choose the items you want to try and add them to your cart. You can choose up to three pieces. In the next step, select the “Free Trial” option on the payment page. Finally, confirm the order and wait for the items to be shipped to you.

You will be redirected to the official website

Finally, just try on the pieces and decide if you want to buy them. If you don't like the items, Shein offers a free return service.

Is it possible to do it with any clothes?

No. The Free Trial program is only available for select parts. Some of these items may include clothing, shoes and accessories selected from certain categories. Furthermore, it is important to highlight that you need to check the conditions and rules for using the Free Trial before placing the order.

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Illustrative Image: How to get free clothes on Shein

Tips to save a lot at Shein

In addition to the Shein Free Trial, there are other ways to save on your purchase. Check out some of the main tips for saving on your purchases below:

Take advantage of the discounts offered by Shein

Shein regularly offers discounts for those who want to save on their purchases. Take advantage of all discounts and coupons that are available to guarantee extra discounts on your purchases.

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Research prices before buying

Before purchasing any item, it is important to research prices in several stores. This will allow you to compare available prices and choose the best one to save money.

Sign up for the Shein newsletter

If you sign up for the Shein newsletter, you will receive exclusive offers and discount coupons. These coupons give you access to extra discounts on your purchases.


Therefore, as we have seen, to find out how to get free clothes on Shein, it is simple, just use the Shein Free Trial program. Additionally, there are several other ways to save on your purchase, including taking advantage of discounts offered by the website, researching prices before purchasing and subscribing to the Shein newsletter. By following these tips, you can save a lot of money on the next purchase you make at Shein.


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