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Learn how to put Music in WhatsApp Status photos

Check out a complete step-by-step guide on how to easily add songs!

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Have you ever imagined having your Whatsapp Personalized with your favorite photos and music? If you are someone who appreciates this feature but still doesn't know how to put music on your status, don't worry! Well, you've arrived at the right place.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp still doesn't have the integrated function to add music directly to status, just like Instagram and Facebook do to stories. But the good news is that there are apps that can help you make this wish come true.

When you save your stories with music and try to post them on your WhatsApp status, you may have noticed that the music doesn't play correctly. This happens because the application cannot recognize the song and, consequently, cannot play it in your status.

However, using apps like CapCut, you can add music to your photos and create personalized videos to post on your WhatsApp status. And the best part: it's super simple and quick! Keep reading to discover the step by step.

How to put music on WhatsApp status photos?

With the help of a free application that is available for all smartphones with current updates. In this sense, below, we guide you step by step on how to add music to WhatsApp status photos using the CapCut application:

  1. Firstly, download the CapCut app from your app store (available for Android and iOS);
  2. Then open the application and select the option "New Edition" to start a new project;
  3. Import the photos you want to use in your WhatsApp status;
  4. In the bottom toolbar, select the option "Music" and choose the desired song from your library or add a song of your choice;
  5. Use the application's editing features to customize your video, such as adding filters, texts and transitions between images;
  6. When you finish editing, just save the video on your device;
  7. On WhatsApp, open the status option and select the video you just created;
  8. Ready! Now your WhatsApp status photos will have the music you chose.

Therefore, even though WhatsApp does not yet have the function of adding music directly to the status, it is possible to get around this limitation with the help of applications like CapCut. So, you can personalize your WhatsApp status and share your favorite songs with your friends.

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Learn how to use CapCut

In addition to adding music to your WhatsApp status photos, CapCut offers several other editing options to make your videos even more attractive. With the app, you can crop and adjust the size of videos, include text and add other visual resources.

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You will be redirected to the official website

Another interesting feature of the application is the option to add audio, which allows you to include background sounds or even voiceovers with your own voice recorded. Additionally, CapCut has a wide variety of music and sound effects for you to choose from.

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Don't waste any more time and start personalizing your WhatsApp statuses with incredible photos and music right now. With CapCut, your content will be even more creative and attractive for your contacts to see on the most popular messaging app in the world.

Benefits of CapCut for your WhatsApp status

Below, we list some of the main benefits of CapCut for creating personalized statuses on WhatsApp:

  • Ease of use: with an intuitive interface, CapCut is an easy-to-use application, even for people without advanced knowledge in video editing;
  • Various editing options: in addition to adding music, the application offers various features to personalize your videos, such as filters, texts and sound effects;
  • Possibility to add audio: with CapCut, you can include background sounds or voiceovers in your videos to make them even more dynamic and creative;
  • Available for Android and iOS: Regardless of your device's operating system, you can download the application and start using it right now;
  • Free: CapCut offers all these features without charging any additional fees. Just download and start editing your videos for free.

Why add music to your WhatsApp status photos?

Whether it's to express an emotion, share a special moment or even promote a new song that's playing on your playlist, adding music to your photos on your WhatsApp status can bring several benefits. In addition to making your content more visually attractive, music can also convey a message that you want to pass on to your contacts, making the experience more complete and engaging.

Therefore, if you want to stand out in the sea of WhatsApp statuses and take your content to another level, using CapCut is essential. Be sure to try it out and share your creations with your friends and family.

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Now that you know how to add music to WhatsApp status photos, just download the CapCut app and unleash your creativity to personalize your statuses. Furthermore, we remind you that the use of music in videos and other content must be done responsibly, respecting the copyright of the artists. So, take advantage of this feature and share your good musical taste with your WhatsApp contacts.


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